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The speakers from this years event

Theme for 2023:

‘Leading the net zero charge in sustainable healthcare’

Speakers at the healthcare buildings forum Scotland 2023

Stephen Hurrel, Lead Artist & Jackie Sands, Public Health Improvement Senior: Arts & Health

Stephen Hurrel, Lead Artist & Jackie Sands, Public Health Improvement Senior: Arts & Health
Hurrel Visual Arts & NHS Greater Glasgow + Clyde
'Art, Architecture and Healthcare – Greenock Health & Care Centre'

This joint presentation by artist Stephen Hurrel (Hurrel Visual Arts) and Jackie Sands (NHS Public Health Improvement Senior: Arts & Health) will focus on a recent public art project for the new Greenock Health and Care Centre, from 2015 to 2021, where Stephen was the Lead Artist/Curator/Planner and Jackie was specialist advisor supporting the client and the lead artist. Stephen and Jackie will talk about the collaborative working process; from the importance of early planning and project-management, developing briefs and commissioning artists, to the successful integration of art with architecture through design, colour, materials and contemporary artworks that resonate a sense of place.

Dr Martin Quirke, Research Fellow

Dr Martin Quirke, Research Fellow
Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), University of Stirling
'A Toolkit for Implementing Ageing and Dementia Design Principles'

The EADDAT is a valuable resource for influencers of the built environment, health and social care practitioners and individuals supporting someone living with dementia. It forms part of a suite of resources produced by DSDC and informed by the most recent research in the field of dementia design for the purposes of facilitating research translation through knowledge exchange and impact.

The tool can be used for existing, new-build and refurbishment projects across a range of settings; including within the home, cafes, restaurants, care homes, day care centres, hospitals and faith buildings.

This presentation sets out the evidence which underpins this new tool and provides an explanation of how to use and access it.

Suzanne Tighe, Associate Architect & Graeme Reid, Project Director

Suzanne Tighe, Associate Architect & Graeme Reid, Project Director
KEPPIE DESIGN & University Hospital Monklands
'The New University Hospital Monklands – a legacy for the future of healthcare design in Scotland'

Three aspects of the design for the new University Hospital Monklands are ground-breaking for a new major acute hospital in Scotland.

The New UHM will be a Net Zero Carbon hospital.
The New UHM will be Scotland’s ‘first digital hospital’.
The New UHM is being traditionally procured.

This presentation outlines the unique circumstances that created a people-focused design to serve its community, and how these three challenging ambitions will leave a legacy for the future of our country’s healthcare design.

Mike Hamilton, Gardening Coach

Mike Hamilton, Gardening Coach
Mike the Gardening Coach
'Gardening for Health: A collaborative approach in healthcare grounds and gardens'

The Gardening for Health project at Crieff Community Hospital is an example of a project providing an innovative approach to maintaining and developing gardens within a healthcare setting.

The presentation will show how this project came about through the collaborative working of a range of local organisations.

Harnessing the known benefits of therapeutic gardening, the project has proven very popular and a valuable asset with volunteers, staff, patients and visitors. 

The presentation will conclude with lessons for developing the model further in other healthcare settings within Perth & Kinross and beyond.

David Ross, Director

David Ross, Director
'The Future of Healthcare in Scotland: An Adaptive Strategy'

Our interest in the adaptability of buildings predates the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital project; and it goes beyond traditional concerns regarding healthcare departmental flexibility. If logic tells us that people will spend less time in hospital in future as fully invasive procedures become less reliant on observed recovery, the drive towards community-based Health & Wellbeing will surely become more desirable.

David Ross argues that a consistent, people-focused strategy based on high-quality standardised and repeatable components offers us the best chance of adapting our national healthcare system for the future.

Paul Cooper, Director and Healthcare Lead

Paul Cooper, Director and Healthcare Lead
Wallace Whittle
'Net Zero’s Impact on Building Services in the Healthcare Environment'

The presentation gives an overview of NZC and why it’s needed with a particular focus on what this means for healthcare designs going forward.

We discuss the challenges of designing a NZC hospital as well as reviewing the potential heating solutions with a particular focus on the “all electric” hospital and what challenges this presents including the current energy crisis and national infrastructure.

Healthcare also has specific unique challenges so we will review the part that resilience plays in any NZC design.

Through the presentation, we will focus on how all of this has factored into the new Monklands design.