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The speakers from this years event

Speakers from the healthcare buildings forum Scotland 2022

‘A Breath of Fresh Air – Covid, Forest Fires, Climate Change and Inclusive Design’

Annie Pollock , Secretary / Design Consultant – Inclusive Design, Ricky Pollock, Member / Design Consultant – Inclusive Design, Edinburgh Access Panel / BPA-Architecture

Annie’s presentation will focus on the effects of poor air quality on us all and especially disabled people, older people and those with dementia.  It will look at what we have learned over the last year and including COP26 – adding to the presentation given virtually on February 2021. It will also look briefly at Inclusive Design considerations.

This is based on her book ‘A Breath of Fresh Air, The importance of air quality in aged care design’, which has been published by HammondCare (December 2021).

Richard will give a very short precis of his book on acoustic intrusion, ‘Acoustics in Aged Care’ which has been published by HammondCare (December 2021).

‘HIP to be Square’

Rachel Hall & Meischa Wade, Healthcare Planners, ETL

With the renaming of the Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) as the New Hospital Programme (NHP), came a very clear message about where investment was to be targeted. And, in case anyone was in any doubt, the DHSC Playbook provides a helpful, if sometimes surprising, definition of what is a hospital. What has not changed is the expectation that schemes within the programme will be delivered to meet a number of centrally defined targets including greater standardisation, adoption of modern methods of construction (MMC) and net zero carbon. While these are laudable targets, there has been concern about how they are being policed on some NHP projects. For example, will standardisation compromise functionality and innovation, does MMC mean the end of the curve and is there any truth in the rumour that all children’s units are to be constructed using Lego? In our presentation we will share our experiences of the impact that NHP has had on 2 of the 8 pathfinder new builds.

‘Recent Advances in Building Standards’

Steven Scott, Head of Technical Unit, Building Standards, Scottish Government: Building Standards Division

The presentation will cover recent changes and work in progress on building standards.  In particular it will address the ongoing reviews of energy and fire safety standards and what this might mean for those designing and construction education and health care buildings. 

Our Heat in Buildings Strategy sets out our vision for decarbonising heat, setting out the scale of the investment opportunity and supporting our green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our energy proposals seek to deliver further improvement to the energy efficiency of new buildings and new building work, in line with our wider net zero ambitions.

‘Is Quality Out of Control?’

Dennis O’Keeffe, Independent Healthcare Advisor, Accredited Project Director, Researcher 

Drawing on his 20 years + track record of successfully working for the NHS and promising never to be boring, Dennis invites you to join him on a sprint sharing his (and others) thought provoking ideas – to ‘take another look’ – in this post COP26 and peri COVID world – in a quest for design excellence – seeking to improve the design quality of Scotland’s future hospitals. With cross-cutting themes, and aspiring to kick-start a fresh, panoptic, and holistic ‘Scottish Healthcare Design Quality Community of Practice’ drawn from the best of Scottish industry, design and research, Dennis’ overarching proposition is simple and fundamental: “if we don’t actually improve the design quality of our hospitals then we don’t really improve anything”.

‘New Models for UK Healthcare Design’

Paul Yeomans, Director, Medical Architecture 

The presentation focuses on the changing role of the hospital in cities, the role of built infrastructure for patients and staff, and the upcoming new classes of health infrastructure across the UK. Paul looks at how key trends will shape the future of healthcare infrastructure: changing demographics, integrated care, pandemic resilience, emergency medicine, digital modalities, sustainability, modern methods of construction, and standardisation. The presentation concludes by emphasizing the wider impact of healthcare infrastructure on cities and society.

‘Unlocking Potential – HMP Highland’

Claire Rosset, Associate Architect, BakerHicks 

A radical departure from traditional prison design, HMP Highland is the first new prison in the Scottish Highlands for more than a century. Visually and aesthetically appealing, it combines innovative design with the practical, operational needs of a prison. Right from inception through to its current stage (RIBA Stage 4), its forward-thinking design ethos focuses on rehabilitation and creating a community facing facility that will help transform its residents’ lives. It is an example of designing an environment to not only impact how a facility is used, but the lives of those that use it.

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